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Every year the KLASS PTA makes significant contributions to our school and we are fortunate to benefit greatly from their voluntary efforts. The PTA is parent led and they play a key role in supporting the school in a number of ways.

In particular, the PTA:

  • Provides a positive welcoming climate for all parents and new families on their arrival to the school;
  • Builds our school community through events and activities involving students, teachers and their families; and
  • Enhances our students' experiences at school through the improvement of facilities or services from money raised by their fundraising activities.
The recent pandemic has, as with many activities in our daily lives, impacted the events the PTA has been able to organise but we continue to be grateful for their work in our community. Take a look at some of the great ways they have supported KLASS in the past:

PTA International Food FairIn bringing our community together, annual events such as Halloween and Christmas Bazaar at JB and the International Week Food Fair and Spring Fair at EP are highlights of the PTA calendar. We really appreciate the time and energy given by the PTA in arranging these events for us each year.


JB Playground equipmentThe PTAโ€™s contribution from fundraising year on year can be seen around the school campuses with great additions to  our facilities such as the electronic scoreboards in the Indoor Sports Centre at EP, recycling bins and water coolers, ping pong tables, outdoor picnic tables, and the treehouse and playground equipment at JB campus.

The PTA also makes donations to assist the work of charities nominated by parents each year and works with school staff, teachers and students to provide support to the school and for the communityโ€™s benefit.

The Teacher Appreciation Day organised at each campus by the PTA each year is always a highlight of our school calendar, with a wonderful spread of food provided for staff to enjoy. 

Thank you PTA for all that you do for our school. 

We appreciate it very much.

If you are a current KLASS parent you may be interested in supporting the mission of the PTA to nurture a vibrant KLASS community by joining as a committee member. We are currently welcoming nominations for the PTA Committee. Please check your parent email for more details!

Spring Fair 2019