Primary Weekly Highlight: Deepavali Celebration Day

Primary Weekly Highlight: Deepavali Celebration Day
Primary Weekly Highlights

We had a wonderful final day of half term at JB today as we celebrated Deepavali. Children and staff brought so much vibrancy and colour to our day by wearing their traditional Deepavali outfits. 

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In class children learned about the history behind Deepavali and were introduced to some Deepavali traditions. Children explored the symbolism of the spiritual victory of light over darkness within the story of Rama and Sita. They also learned about the different types of Rangoli and Mehndi as well as learning about traditional Deepavali clothing and food. 

A major highlight of the day was our assemblies. Some of our staff and students performed dances to celebrate Deepavali and a number of our students shared with the audience how they celebrate Deepavali with their families.


Today was a fitting way to end what has been the most wonderful half term. Our school community is alive again as we reconnected across so many areas through our children.

We have had coffee mornings, workshops, music events, sports competitions, ECAs, in person PTCs and parents regularly on campus. Our children are thriving and the school has been such a happy and positive place to be thanks to the support of our parents and the care and commitment shown by all our staff.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful half-term holiday.

Alan McCarthy

Primary Principal

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