Primary Weekly Highlights: Year 6 New Skill Presentation πŸ—£πŸŽ™

Primary Weekly Highlights: Year 6 New Skill Presentation πŸ—£πŸŽ™
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Year 6 New Skill Presentation

This week, as part of the Year 6 Challenge award, some of our Year 6 children have taken part in the New Skill Presentation event. This aspect of the Challenge asked our children to learn a new skill and evince their progress through a live presentation.

With many parents watching eagerly online via a live Youtube link, the children seriously impressed their peers and teachers through the showcasing of their skills. From guitar to golf, robotics to ice skating, each presentation was unique and special, highlighting just how important it is for all of us to challenge ourselves with something new.


The children presented enthusiastically and passionately about what they had learnt, with many including detailed reflections of how they will continue to develop and hone their new skills. Some even included live performances and demonstrations for the audience. The confidence shown by students as they presented was amazing as was the variety of presentation styles.


However, what most impressed everyone was the in-depth understanding of learning demonstrated by all who took part. Students shared how aware they have become of the importance of learning from mistakes, of needing to sometimes fail before succeeding and that learning is often hard and requires a degree of struggle.

All of their teachers are incredibly proud of them - a huge well done to all. A special thank you to our IT department for supporting the children and to our parents for their support. 

Shaun Rushton
Year 6 Challenge Coordinator

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