Careers and Skills for the 21st Century

Careers and Skills for the 21st Century
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Profile icon Dr. Shanton ChangThe world is changing rapidly and many jobs of the 20th Century will not exist by 2025 and the remaining industries will see massive changes according to a Gartner Report. New positions, that didn't exist at the turn of the century have taken over as the most lucrative jobs in the world. Such changes have direct impacts on the future jobs of graduates, no matter which industry they want to be part of.

How do we prepare students for such a future? Even where we focus on traditional professions in accounting, commerce, law, medicine, engineering or the sciences, the question remains on how these professions are changing?

We were fortunate last week to be joined by Dr. Shanton Chang from the University of Melbourne who helped us to understand the key skills and knowledge that might be important for our students and children in preparing them for an uncertain technology driven future.

Blog Skills of the 21st centuryIn his presentation Dr. Shanton looked at some of the many emerging roles that didn't exist ten years ago such as 'Chief Listening Officers', 'Telehealth Experts'
and 'Sustainability Analyst/Managers' and the type of key skills the future job market will require in the future, whatever roles and professions our students and children choose.

Missed the talk and would like to find out more? You can listen to Dr. Chang's full presentation on our YouTube channel using the link below. 

Thank you Dr. Change for sharing your expertise and time with us and we look forward to welcoming you back to the school campus in the future.

Our lecture series continues to run this term with talks on Marketing, Accounting and Computer Science. You can sign up for more details using the link below and watch any of the lectures you've missed on our YouTube channel.

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