Learner Profile of Students in a Tier 1 International School

Learner Profile of Students in a Tier 1 International School
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At Alice Smith, we not only focus on providing our students with a world-class education that will help them progress to any university around the world, we also value our responsibility in shaping them into being well-rounded learners.

Helping students develop into resilient and self-assured individuals, not only allows them to learn better, it also paves the way to a successful future.

We devote a significant amount of time to helping students develop the six attributes described below. 

1. Happy and Healthy

Future success is our main goal as a school and we understand the importance of having happy and healthy students.

While multiple studies have shown the link between student happiness and academic performance, we make sure our students are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to face any challenges both at school and beyond these four walls. To accomplish this, we provide them with appropriate assistance and guidance at every opportunity.

One aspect of this guidance is our commitment to Pastoral Care both in the Primary and Secondary schools.

In Secondary, we provide daily check-in group sessions followed by one-on-one sessions with assigned tutors. These meetings provide our students with the opportunity to bond with members of staff and to safely voice their concerns, be they academic, interpersonal or anything else.

Our award-winning Pastoral Care initiative for Primary revolutionised playtime, which has contributed to the overall happiness and success of our students.

2. Respectful 

Respect is an important attribute in any person, and therefore we are committed to imparting this value onto our students, whether that be between students or with our staff. Prioritising a respectful learning environment contributes to our students feeling safe and puts them in the best mental state for learning.

At Alice Smith, we have high standards for our students, which we do not limit to academics. Our students behave respectfully towards one another, and in turn, students have a safe and respectful learning environment. 

3. Community Minded

In our increasingly international community, it’s important for students to value helping others and making the world a better place. That is why we provide our students with multiple opportunities to give back to the community through Service Learning. 

Some of these opportunities include raising money and volunteering for local orphanages, environmental groups and schools. 

4. Independent Learners

Becoming an independent learner is important to succeed academically, especially in post-secondary. Projects and assignments are often completed on an individual basis and require focus, confidence and self-motivation. 

Our teacher-led group study sessions provide students with the opportunity to work independently on their own projects while still having assistance available to them should they need it. These learning opportunities also provide our students with the chance to learn their study habits and how best to manage their time. 

5. Communicators

Having knowledge is one thing, but being able to communicate your thoughts in an articulate and intelligent way is a different skill entirely. A Tier 1 learner profile includes students who do more than solely pass an exam; they’re individuals who can communicate that knowledge to others as well. This ability to communicate both effectively and efficiently is a skill that can carry them far in life.

This is why we encourage our students to ask questions, listen intently and make sure they have the appropriate amount of time to comprehend materials. 

6. Problem Solvers

Our complex and rigorous curriculum teaches our students not only critical knowledge, but also how to solve complex and difficult problems. Learning how to think critically and develop logic-based arguments is a crucial skill.

A Tier 1 learner profile defines students with exceptional problem solving skills. These students are better equipped to handle conflict should it arise.

Helping foster the six characteristics above in our students is one of the areas that make us a tier 1 school in Malaysia. We also credit our classification to our exceptional teaching staff, our innovative British curriculum, our flexible, modern learning environment and so much more.