What International School Tiers Mean for my Child

What International School Tiers Mean for my Child
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A goal of any parent is to provide their children with all the opportunities that will help them reach their full potential. 

Everything about a Tier 1 school should be designed to put student success first, taking away any worries or concerns a parent may have in regards to their children's futures. 

At Alice Smith, we take great pride in what we do by setting your children up for success, and as a Tier 1 school, your children will have many opportunities at their fingertips. 

Throughout the sections below, you’ll discover the answer to, “What do the Tiers mean for my child?” You’ll also see how your children will benefit from attending a Tier 1 institution.

What is a Tier 1 School?

Also known as a Top Tier school, a Tier 1 institution is one that is widely regarded in the international community as one of the best schools in the area. 

While there are no official standardised systems for what qualifies as a Tier 1 school, this designation is based on a number of subjective factors.

At Alice Smith, we are proud of our Tier 1 classification and the many benefits our school offers your children. To learn more about what qualifies Alice Smith as a Tier 1 school and how those characteristics benefit your children, click here.

Tier 1 Schools Have the Best Teaching Staff

Tier 1 schools attract high quality teaching staff which benefits our community with studies having continuously shown the lasting effects good teachers have on students' lives, often impacting more than just academic success.

A study conducted by researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities focused on the impact individual teachers had on test scores and how high scores affected students in post-secondary and beyond. The research found students with high ranking teachers are more likely to enrol in college or university and have a higher likelihood of making more money after graduating than their counterparts, along with numerous other metrics of success.

Most Tier 1 schools invest a large percentage of their funding into teaching staff, and in return, teaching staff are able to provide the same quality of education you would come to expect from a school at home. 

When money is invested in teaching staff, it’s the students who reap the most benefits. Tier 1 schools are able to provide the best teachers for your children and ultimately are the best suited to provide them with a great educational experience. 

Tier 1 Schools Have Innovative Curriculums 

Without a state-of-the-art curriculum, great teachers can only go so far. This is why Tier 1 schools ensure they heavily research what goes into their curriculum, as a good curriculum is the foundation of a good education.

Curriculums at Tier 1 international schools are often modelled on internationally recognised ones, such as the English National Curriculum. By basing their curriculum on ones such as this, Tier 1 schools are able to replicate the same success for their students but in an international setting.

When your children earn an education from a Tier 1 international school, they will be able to seamlessly integrate back into a school setting in their home country or anywhere else in the world. 


Tier 1 Schools Provide a Truly International Experience

One of the best parts about studying abroad is the exposure to new experiences and new cultures.

With a diverse student body, Tier 1 international schools have the opportunity to introduce your family to wonders from all over the world. In addition to fostering a sense of global mindedness in your children, a Tier 1 school also provides a curriculum that gives them the educational foundation to take them anywhere. 

According to the Centers for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI), a multicultural learning environment has numerous benefits for your children, including teaching them to be more empathetic, to be more curious and to have a deeper awareness of our world and their place in it.

Learning about our world and other cultures adds to the well-rounded education we provide your children.

Tier 1 Schools Have Close Ties to Embassies 

Whether this is your first international experience or one on a list of many, relocating can be a difficult experience for families. 

Tier 1 schools are often the first choice for expats and families of diplomats working internationally. To provide the services necessary for these families, most Tier 1 schools are US and UK Embassy-assisted, making them a top choice for newcomers. 

Ensuring our community keeps close ties with local embassies and other expat societies means your children can maintain a connection to their home country. 

Tier 1 Schools Offer the Best

Understanding what tiers mean for your child will help you ensure your family has the best education possible. 

Overall, a Tier 1 school is able to provide the best education and resources to set your children up for a successful future, be that on the basis of its staff and curriculum or the incredibly unique educational opportunities available. 

Learn more about what makes Alice Smith a Tier 1 school by clicking the link below.

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