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🎵 FOBISIA Choral Festival 2023 – Bangkok 🎵 FOBISIA Choral Festival 2023 – Bangkok

🎵 On Wednesday 8th March 2023, ten very excited music students gathered in the music department to make their way to one of the first FOBISIA music events to be held since restrictions lifted from the Pandemic. And what a fantastic time they had!We made our way to Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School to meet with over 200 students from 9 other schools, all..

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Primary Weekly Highlight: Amazing Term of Music Primary Weekly Highlight: Amazing Term of Music

Music Moments

We have had the most amazing term of Music Moments culminating today with incredible performances from our Year 1 children. Students have had the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience of their fellow performers, children from across their year group as well as their parents.

For some of our students, this has been the first time they have ever..

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Early Years: Alice & Smith - Benefits of Learning Music Early Years: Alice & Smith - Benefits of Learning Music

Did you know that music is one of the few activities that uses both the logical and creative sides of the brain? Music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain to work together as a team.

Music and movement comes naturally to children of all ages. Even infants will bounce, sway, smile or wave their hands along to their favourite tunes. It is..

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Rebecca wins COBIS Music Award Rebecca wins COBIS Music Award

Earlier this term we were delighted to hear that Rebecca Lim, one of our talented Musicians had won the COBIS Music Award. We've been following Rebecca's successes on the blog over the past year; she is already our Senior Young Musician of the Year 2022, passed the Malaysian section in the Osaka Music Competition and placed in the Lyrical Flute Legends Competition.

In this..

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Head of School Message: A Wonderful Finish! Head of School Message: A Wonderful Finish!

It is wonderful to finish this academic year in such a positive way, reconnecting as a community and celebrating the achievements of our students. Both campuses have been filled with activity this past week.

Congratulations to our graduating Year 13 Class of 2022. They graduated in style this week with many successes and achievements despite an incredibly challenging two year..

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FOBISIA Orchestral Project 2022 🎶 FOBISIA Orchestral Project 2022 🎶

The FOBISIA music scene has been very quiet for the past two years, due to the impact of COVID-19. We were therefore very excited to get the opportunity to take part in the FOBISIA Orchestral Project 2022. As an orchestra, we have been working on more challenging repertoire, but mostly in the realm of film music. This opportunity posed an exciting challenge of performing two..

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🎼Young Musician of the Year 2022 🎼Young Musician of the Year 2022

Term 2 has seen the second year of our ‘Young Musician of the Year’ competition. Being back in school has created more excitement for the competition with an amazing 66 entries being submitted. The standard of performances were excellent and we were pleased to announce our winners at the end of term Commendation Assemblies.

There were two categories, Year 7-9 and Year 10-13..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Term 2 Music 🎼🎶 Primary Weekly Highlights: Term 2 Music 🎼🎶

Music is alive and well in Term 2, and our JB students are relishing the opportunity to make music together once again. Some of the term highlights include:Peripatetic Music LessonsBack in full swing, it’s lovely to hear the Music Department filled with the sound of instrumental music lessons once again. Learning a musical instrument improves brain function, spatial awareness,..

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Distinction at Grade 8 Piano for Dheeraj🎹👏 Distinction at Grade 8 Piano for Dheeraj🎹👏

"Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought, our students have continued to work hard in independently preparing for music examinations. Dheeraj is one such student, who has demonstrated that with effort, dedication and guidance incredible things can be achieved. To attain an ABRSM distinction at Grade 8 is notable, but to score 140/150 is simply outstanding, and not..

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Lyrical Flute Legends Virtual Competition 2021 Lyrical Flute Legends Virtual Competition 2021

It's always wonderful to hear of our students' successes in competitions outside of school. This week our Head of Music, Will Payne, has updated us on the success of one of our talented A Level musicians.

"One of our A level Music students, Rebecca Lim entered a highly prestigious international flute competition last month, and was awarded 2nd prize in the 15-17 years..

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