Dr. Frost is coming to visit!βž•βž—πŸ“πŸ“

Dr. Frost is coming to visit!βž•βž—πŸ“πŸ“

It's not been long since Malaysia reopened it's borders and we are very pleased to hear one of our first visitors will be Dr. Jamie Frost! βž•βž—πŸ“πŸ“Students world wide used his online Dr. Frost Maths resources during the pandemic and Dr Frost's work was recognised when he was awarded The Global Teacher Prize Covid Hero Award. Here's a bit more about our esteemed visitor!

Dr Jamie Frost has taught maths for 10 years; he was previously a PhD student at Oxford University working in AI (winning a Teaching Excellence Prize and the Microsoft Research Prize for his undergraduate dissertation), prior to which he coded trading algorithms for an investment bank. His teaching resources have been downloaded over 10.5 million times with in excess of 3 million page views on his site a day, and students have answered over 200 million questions online on his online platform, DrFrostMaths. He won a Gold Pearson Teaching Prize, appearing on BBC2's 'Britain's Classroom Heroes'. He reached the Top 10 for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, and was awarded the Global Teacher Prize Covid Hero Award in special recognition of "someone who has gone above and beyond to keep young people learning during the COVID-19 pandemic".

Dr Frost Learning became a charity in 2021. Its vision is to provide high quality education for all regardless of income, centred around the core philosophy that education is a fundamental right and central to addressing social inequality on a global level. (Source: DrFrostMaths)

Dr. Frost will be visiting Alice Smith on Tuesday 31st May to spend time with our (I)GCSE and A Level Maths students as well as support the continuing development of our Maths Teachers.

We look forward to welcoming him to Alice Smith School.