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Secondary Weekly Highlights: Art and Mindfulness - A Teacher’s Journey Secondary Weekly Highlights: Art and Mindfulness - A Teacher’s Journey

For many of us, the long periods of lockdown in Malaysia were an unprecedented life experience and a time in which we each drew upon a range of resources - human and otherwise. In this week’s Blog, Ms Jone Barrenechea (Teacher of Art), shares a personal account of her exploration of Art and Mindfulness and how these wellbeing strategies are serving her and others in our..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning through Block Play Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning through Block Play

Play is an important feature of learning here at JB. From Preschool to Year 2, our students' learning is supported by providing opportunities to play. We consider Preschool, Reception and Year 1 to be our kindergarten years and we adopt a very play-based approach to learning. 

A significant focus for us in these years is on the personal and physical development of children..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Planning by Backward Design Primary Weekly Highlights: Planning by Backward Design

Here at the Primary Campus, we use a curriculum planning approach called understanding by design or backward design. This was a concept developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. A ‘traditional’ approach to lesson design involves content being identified, along with a sequence of lessons and finally an assessment. In a backward design approach, what students should know and..

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Secondary Weekly Highlights: Welcome to our KLASS Community! Secondary Weekly Highlights: Welcome to our KLASS Community!

We are now five weeks into the 2021-22 academic year and our newly-arrived teachers have done a fantastic job of getting to grips with teaching in a new school and, for some, living in a new country. Teaching so far this year has had the added challenge of being online and I salute the way our recently-arrived teachers have successfully established relationships for learning..

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Cross-Curricular Learning in Action: The Hook Cross-Curricular Learning in Action: The Hook

For their new topic our Year 6's were treated to inspirational messages from two very special guests connected with their new cross-curricular unit - Professor Peter Frankopan and Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS.

In Key Stage 2 our Primary curriculum approach uses flexible, well planned cross-curricular units to encourage students to make sense of their learning by creating links..

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The impact of School Closure and Covid on Learning The impact of School Closure and Covid on Learning

We're going back to school! Yes on March 8th we will welcome all our students back to  campus after spending most of this term engaged in distance learning due to the pandemic. We'll be very pleased to see them but a question on many parents minds is 'How much impact has the school closure and the pandemic had on learning?'

Our recent Primary parent workshop focused on this..

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What is a Virtual TeachMeet? What is a Virtual TeachMeet?

Even during these uncertain times and during online learning, our teachers are still continuing to collaborate and develop professionally. Ensuring they maintain the highest levels of professional practice to deliver the best learning and teaching experience for our students.

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of teachers where we share good practice, innovation and..

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Examinations and their Boards Examinations and their Boards

The UK school exam system can be very confusing to parents, even if they are from the UK and experienced it as a student themselves. As educators, we are commonly asked by international parents, ‘Is Cambridge board better than AQA?’ or ‘Edexcel is harder than AQA, right?’These sincere questions reflect a misunderstanding of UK examination boards. The idea is easily held by..

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'Protect' short story competition 'Protect' short story competition

What are you protecting? Someone? Something? Maybe a secret... 'Protect' is the theme of this year's FOBISIA (the Federation of British International Schools in Asia) short story competition. Open to students in years 3 to 13 in any of the 68 FOBISIA member schools the competition encourages creative writing. Full details can be found here.

We're excited that this years..

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