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Examinations and their Boards Examinations and their Boards

The UK school exam system can be very confusing to parents, even if they are from the UK and experienced it as a student themselves. As educators, we are commonly asked by international parents, ‘Is Cambridge board better than AQA?’ or ‘Edexcel is harder than AQA, right?’These sincere questions reflect a misunderstanding of UK examination boards. The idea is easily held by..

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'Protect' short story competition 'Protect' short story competition

What are you protecting? Someone? Something? Maybe a secret... 'Protect' is the theme of this year's FOBISIA (the Federation of British International Schools in Asia) short story competition. Open to students in years 3 to 13 in any of the 68 FOBISIA member schools the competition encourages creative writing. Full details can be found here.

We're excited that this years..

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