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🌈✨Lighting Design by Jamie 🌈✨Lighting Design by Jamie

As well as a feast of creativity happening on stage this week, as we open our EP Production The Wizard of Oz, audience members should also keep their eyes open for the innovation being operated backstage and in the tech box 🔥🎤🌈✨.

Alongside the 60+ performers in the show, we also have a dedicated and talented group of designers and technicians operating pyrotechnics,..

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Are you ready for Oz? 🌈👠 Are you ready for Oz? 🌈👠

The countdown has begun to EP’s musical production, The Wizard of Oz which opens on 21st February. 🌈👠

For those of you who have not been involved in a school production before, here’s what the final few weeks will look like for the team:

Actors are rehearsing for 12 hours over the course of a week finalising blocking, becoming completely ‘off-script’, taking care of their..

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🎄Looking for something to do this festive break? 🎄Looking for something to do this festive break?

As the end of term arrives on Friday we are thinking about the holidays! We asked our Parent Ambassadors what they will be up to. Now the MCOs are a distance memory and travel is freely available many are taking the opportunity to visit places near and far, with our Parent Ambassadors heading to the UK, Dubai and more locally Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Safe..

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Secondary Weekly Highlights: Daisy Pulls It Off - Golly gosh rehearsals are underway! 🎭👭🏑 Secondary Weekly Highlights: Daisy Pulls It Off - Golly gosh rehearsals are underway! 🎭👭🏑

What ho! As 2021 drew to a close, Drama students were busy perfecting their best British accents, getting their jolly hockey sticks at the ready and putting their best foot forward to audition for the next drama production. Rather! If that wasn't enough of a clue for you, in this week’s Secondary Blog, Ms Sullivan (Head of Faculty for CE Arts), shares some tantalising updates..

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