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Alice Smith wins at the ISAs! Alice Smith wins at the ISAs!

UPDATE Jan 2021: We are delighted to have won the Inclusion category at the International School Awards 2021 with our initiative, 'KLASS Student-Support Programme: empowering students to lead on in-class support'. Congratulations to our Personalised Learning Faculty for the recognition of their great work!

November 2020

We're so honoured to announce that we have been..

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What is the Pastoral Care Award What is the Pastoral Care Award

Every year, the International School Awards recognise excellence in teaching and learning at schools around the world. 

This awards ceremony was established by ISC Research, the world's leading provider in international school data. A school that receives such awards sets the benchmark for others to reach, setting them apart as high quality institutions in the community.


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Pastoral Care in our Secondary School Pastoral Care in our Secondary School

At Alice Smith, it is our honour and responsibility to do everything we can to prepare our students for their futures. 

In addition to providing a world-class British education, we look at any learning opportunities we can provide in order to ensure our students grow into well-rounded, educated adults who are ready for any challenge presented to them.

This is why we..

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