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Virtual learning for Secondary Students: What, Why and How Virtual learning for Secondary Students: What, Why and How

Malaysia will be in lockdown for at least two weeks from 1st June, possibly longer. At this time, it is unclear if we will be able to return to campus for face-to-face learning this term. We hope that the lockdown will significantly reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and that this, along with the accelerating vaccination programme, will enable us to re-open to students as..
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Parent workshops - register now! Parent workshops - register now!

Our parent workshops are designed to help support your role at home as well as our role at school. While we are not able yet to bring parents back on campus we will be delivering some of the most popular talks via Zoom over the next few weeks. Here's a selection of the ones you can look forward from the Secondary campus. Don't forget to use the link to sign up!


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Virtual Learning: Take Two Virtual Learning: Take Two

Things were just beginning to feel like 'normal'. We had been back in school since the beginning of term and our community had successfully adjusted to the SOPs required to stay safe and healthy. Facemasks, hand washing and physical distancing had become part of our everyday, our 'normal'. However the rise in Covid-19 cases locally means that all schools in Selangor and the..

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The Hot Chocolate (or Milo) Method The Hot Chocolate (or Milo) Method

Who'd have guessed that one of our favourite drinks can also help calm our children down! Read on to find out more about the 'Hot Chocolate Method' from Dan, our Primary Counsellor.

When children are in the grip of anxiety or anger, we often respond to the cognitive-thinking brain first with rational information such as, ‘there’s nothing to worry about’ or ‘calm down!’


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