20 things to do during the MCO!

20 things to do during the MCO!

This week we headed back into another total lockdown. It seems like a never ending cycle, but why not try something different this time around? In this week's blog our Head Students, Noah, Soraya, James and Anette, offer some ideas on activities to keep us busy!

"We know all too well that you can get stuck in the quicksand that is stress as easily as ever at the moment. In order to try and avoid this, we have compiled some activities that you could do from the comfort of your own home. 

From painting with Bob Ross to livestreaming the Northern Lights and building your own Medieval city we have tried to include a variety of activities that will suit everyone and if they don’t? Why not try and go outside of your comfort zone.

We can only hope that we will be able to go back to school before the end of the year. However, whatever happens, you should be extremely proud of yourself. The resilience and perseverance that you have all shown is truly commendable. From one set of students to another, well done. 

  1. Paint with Bob Ross
  2. Take a songwriting course
  3. Take a look at the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art
  4. Tour through the collections of the Tate Gallery
  5. A 30 day bodyweight exercise challenge
  6. Play 1 of the 1500 available online board games 
  7. Build your own Medieval city
  8. Trace back your Family Tree
  9. Choose a random course to complete
  10. Do some meditation
  11. Listen to one of these podcasts
  12. Find your new favourite song
  13. Livestream the Northern Lights
  14. Ride a Rollercoaster from the comfort of your own home
  15. Catch up on the best films of 2020
  16. Read your way through a global library
  17. Tour your way through the Australian Zoo
  18. Tour through NASA and space
  19. Ready, Set, Bake!
  20. Visit one of the world's biggest Aquariums!Valencia Aquarium

Best of luck for what is to come, you have got this!

Noah, Soraya, James and Anette